Cool Stuff

If you are buying a “Survival Condo” that is built from a converted Atlas “F” Missile Base, you’d expect to have a few cool add-ons and gadgets. Here are just a few.

 Our own 100KW Wind Turbine. The facilities has five different power supplies. The five supplies are the wind turbine, battery bank, diesel generator 1, diesel generator 2, and three phase grid connection.

Our own Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV). This is no toy. This RPV has a wingspan of 6 feet and can fly as high as 5,000 ft. and has a range of 100 miles and is equipped with high-resolution visible light and thermal imaging camera systems.

Will we have guns ? Yes, and Ammo too.

A water treatment system that creates nearly pharmaceutical grade pure water. This system includes carbon pre-filter, Ultra Violet sterilizers, Ozone, and Reverse Osmosis filtration.

Our own digital weather station that is tied into the integrated command and control system so weather station data can be viewed in each condo unit through the home automation system.


Without giving away all the secrets, we do have a military grade security system that includes thermal imaging systems as well as both lethal and non-lethal defensive capabilities.

What good would all these gadgets be if we didn’t have food to keep us alive? So, we have state-of-the-art hydroponic and aquaculture capabilities to produce fresh organic food and grow our own fish. These systems are largely automated with automatic nutrient monitoring systems and temperature controls.