Effects of Climate Change

The cause of Global Climate Change (GCC) does not matter in terms of preparing a survival strategy. If the cause is due to the approaching 2012 events or man-made greenhouse gas, the results are the same. What matters is what the climate is actually doing and what effect does it have on our society. The links below illustrate those effects and make no mistake about it, these effects are significant.


Hurricanes are getting stronger and costlier.

Global warming was a key factor in¬†2005′s record-breaking hurricane season. This essential¬†finding (by Trenberth and Shea) says “yes” to the¬†question “Is climate change causing fiercer storms?”


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Meteorologists at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say this year’s tornado season is one of the deadliest in a decade and may be on pace to set a record for the most tornadoes. And flooding in the Midwest has been at 100-year levels this spring.


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According to US Geological Service (USGS) during the time period between 2000 and 2007, earthquakes between magnitude 3.0 and 4.9 increased by over 71%.

Could Global Warming cause this, or is something else in play ?


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According to Brian Fagan, author of¬†the bestselling “The Little Ice Age,” Fagan makes an¬†original contribution in “The Great Warming” by¬†summoning attention to what he calls “the silent¬†elephant in the room”: drought. Fagan argues that¬†history “shows how drought can destabilize a society and¬†lead to its collapse.”


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The Midwest, for instance, suffered¬†three weeks of intense rain in May and June 2008, with¬†more than five inches falling on some days. That was¬†reminiscent of the area’s 1993 flooding, which was¬†thought to be a “once in 500 years” event. The proximate¬†cause was the western part of the jet stream dipping¬†toward the Gulf of Mexico, then rising toward Iowa,¬†funneling moisture from the gulf to the Midwest.


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Volcanoes are active worldwide and scientists know little about predicting when increased activity will occur. For all things volcanic, click on

the link below. This site has some amazing photos as


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